It’s Always Cranky Old Farts Who Make Lists of Complaints

(and that cranky old fart is me)

Mather Schneider


Photo by mari lezhava on Unsplash

It’s always people with tons of followers who say followers don’t matter.

It’s always people with money who say money doesn’t matter.

It’s always people who live in gated communities who tell you not to live in fear.

It’s always hacks who tells you how to write.

It’s always people with non-abusive, supportive families who tell you families are the most important thing.

It’s always young healthy people who tell you how to be healthy.

It’s always beautiful people who tell you to accept yourself.

It’s always the winner who tells you losing doesn’t matter.

It’s always people with perfect teeth who tell you to smile.

It’s always the guy sitting on the beach who tells you life is great and to live for the day.

It’s always the person with the dream job who tells you to love your work.

It’s always the 18-year old girl who wants to sell you wrinkle cream.

It’s always the guy who’s never had insomnia who tells you the importance of a good night’s rest.

It’s always the social butterflies who claim to be antisocial.

It’s always the hipsters who claim to be rebels.

It’s always the clueless who claim to have the answers.

It’s always the mid-wits who preach confidence.

It’s always the medicated who preach happiness.

It’s always the person who lives a privileged, untroubled life who preaches inner peace.

It’s always the brainwashed who lecture about independent thinking.

It’s always the naïve artist who thinks he’s created a new style.

It’s always a person who has never made you laugh who wants to teach you about humor.

It’s always the person who has never been cancelled on social media who tells you cancel culture doesn’t exist.

It’s always someone who got really lucky who wants to tell you about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.

It’s always the dumb who tell you how intelligent they are.

It’s always a liar who claims to know the truth.



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